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Becky's Rose Cottage

Becky's Rose Cottage

Vintage rose and cottage designs for your home

Becky's Vintage Timepieces

As a lover of vintage china I have always felt the beautiful pieces deserved a second life...displaying them is one way of using these vintage plates but I wanted something more...something that would give you a reason to admire them as well as make them part of your life...that is how Becky's Vintage Timepieces came to be.... most of my designs are centered around roses but I do add others such as Blue Willow or other florals from time to time...please contact me if you have something special in mind. I really like the idea of looking up at that clock and not only knowing the current time but wondering what past time this clock has holiday meals with the family gathered around, maybe this plate was present at a wedding or some other memorable event..I wonder how many families this plate had lived is all connected to my love of the past...the continuity of it all strikes a cord in my heart. I hope as you take a stroll through The Cottage you, too will be drawn towards the past and make it a part of your future...all my clocks run on a AA battery and are very quiet, too!!! My clocks would make wonderful one-of-a-kind gifts, too!!!

Silverplate Hooks~Stands~Tiebacks

I just love the look and ornate detail of vintage silver and silverplate. My creative side sometimes swings to the silver here you might find something I have created using vintage silver/silverplate or simply some vintage items I want to offer to you. Please take a look around and let me know what you think, I would love to hear from you.

Romantic Cottage Lighting

Nothing says Romantic Cottage like candle you will find new ways to enjoy candles in your very own cottage...