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Collected Treasures

Jana Holland - Collected Treasures
Jana Holland
I have had a love affair with old things and antiques for as long as I can remember. I was always the one to want to explore old barns and abandoned buildings hoping I would find some wonderful treasure someone else had overlooked. I believe in recycling and repurposing things I find, creating interesting "marriages" and unique furniture pieces and accessories. I have often told friends you don't have to make a lot of money to live well. You just have to be resourceful and creative and find beauty underneath layers of dirt and look at what something "could" be, rather than what it is.

I shop flea markets and estate sales choosing only the things I love, knowing someone else will love them as well. I specialize in the unique and different, and never the obvious, as that is just too easy. By doing this I can offer a wonderful eclectic mix of antiques and collectibles that seemingly touch the heart and feed the senses. I do believe if you surround yourself with things you love, you will find security and inner peace within the comfort of your home.
Jana Holland
Collected Treasures
My web site is just a small sample of the inventory I carry in my 3,000 square foot store in Arlington, Texas. I only sell things that touch my heart, and I refuse to sell anything that is not vintage or antique .... I hold true to that and you will never find a "Made in China" item in my store. I also reinvent old things with paint, mosaics, or altered art as I am an artist as well, loving all thing roses. I have trademarked my own line under the name "Heart & Soul" so look for these one of a kind items in my store soon!

My husband and I renovated the 65 year old building and it has been my "playhouse" ever since. I am so fortunate to get to do what I love each and every day and that I have found my true passion. I hope as you view my site you either have a rekindled fond memory of something from your past or that you are inspired by something you see.

Fabulous Treasures - Specializing in Vintage & Antiques

Collected Treasures....for the home, heart & soul!

Arlington, TX




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